This is me, playing a game. Playing because it has no name. I find myself in these dreaded shoes, But i play because i don’t want to lose. I called on negligence, pretence and avoidance. You called on insecurity, immaturity and ignorance. Am i scared of the final? I’ll rather stay in denial. Photocredit: Unknown


There is no fun, So there is nothing to share. Am standing under the sun, But do i even care? You ask what i want, What i want is what i fear.

Blue Sky Tag

Hey guys. Its Wednesday!!!! (my best day of the week). I love Wednesdays because its #FriedStewWednesday back at home. Every Wednesday evening, my mum prepares this amazing Fried stew with all sort of orisirisi chopped in it and she used to call it obę todun when i was much younger. Well, am in school now… Read More Blue Sky Tag

Stand out

No one is perfect and we all have flaws. We might choose to accept them or work on them for improvement but we should remember God who created us specially and the equality we all have in His eyes. These flaws are the things that makes us the special persons we are. Embrace them and… Read More Stand out


I hide under the shadow of anxiety. And lay on the sheets of fear. I rest my head on the pillows of terror. All for the decisions i made and the actions i took Regretting each moment as it goes by. Yet, i never saw that regret is vanity. Felt, but can never change the… Read More LAMENTAR

My Views

Its amazing how the sun sets and yet, the clouds are sunbaked. Its dark but it lightens up the way to ones destination. I took this picture few weeks back and today i decided to post it. I really do not know what to write about it but i know it means something. This picture was… Read More My Views